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T.REX Newsletter
Which is best for low light conditions? Handheld lights or weapon lights? The answer is both. They both serve their own role and purpose. Check out this video to see how Lucas runs both.
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We can't fight every 2A political battle in the country. But, we can show you what we're doing here in the state of Tennessee in hopes that it inspires you to get more involved and vocal in your own state and community politics.

If you are a TN resident, here is the relevant info to contact your representative:

Michael Curcio - (615) 741-3513 - [email protected] (Chairman of the House Criminal Justice Committee)

William Lamberth - (615) 741-1980 - [email protected] (Majority Leader in the House of Representatives)

Cameron Sexton – (615) 741-2343 [email protected] (Speaker of the House of Representatives)
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