I would like to ask you to take a moment to write to your reps to tell them to vote no on HB0316 this afternoon. 
T.REX Newsletter

Dear Tennessee Friends,

Firstly, I would like to thank many of you for turning out to support our gun freedom bills over the last two weeks.

Secondly, I would like to ask you to take a moment to write to your reps to tell them to vote no on HB0316 this afternoon. HB0316, or the "Money Transmission Modernization Act" is a very complicated 60 page bill that was sprung on us pretty last minute. It was pushed through the senate right before the Lt. Governor's scandal broke, and it is being pushed through the house now.

In addition to being snuck through in a concerning way, the bill does very some concerning things, primarily:

  1. Creating a huge new set of reporting requirements for every digital financial transaction in the state
  2. Creating four new felonies for people who fail to report transactions properly
  3. Creating a new database or "Nationwide multistate licensing system and registry" of all these reported transactions
  4. Permitting some commissioner to use this database to channel information, whether criminal or noncriminal in nature, with the DOJ, or any other Federal or State Government Agency at his discretion

A few people have suggested that we should just pass this bill and then just keep a close eye on how it is being used, but on page 20 of the bill, all information on how our data would be shared is exempted from subpoena or disclosure under any Freedom of Information Acts.

Now, I realize that most of you are more interested in legislation that pertains to our Second Amendment rights, but any bill that records MORE transaction data and makes it MORE accessible to Federal agencies has some pretty significant implications to the Second Amendment... and other amendments.

If you agree, use this tool to find your Representative, and send a really email telling him that you oppose HB0316 and would like him to vote NO. With the vote only an hour or so away, no long emails are required.

Thank you all!

Isaac Botkin