The CDC's recently announced efforts to seek out clever new ways of advocating for gun control in the name of "public health and safety" 
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How "Health and Safety" Leads to Total Government Control

The CDC's recently announced efforts to seek out clever new ways of advocating for gun control in the name of "public health and safety" is nothing new. As Ronald Reagan noted back in 1961, "one of the traditional methods of imposing statism or socialism on a people has been by way of medicine."

Over the past year and a half, we've been treated to a cascading series of whirlwind lessons, both at home and abroad, in how astonishingly quickly a government will eviscerate private liberty in the name of public health and safety when given the chance.

With this major push toward actual totalitarianism now in high gear, it is natural that gun rights and the second amendment are the primary obstacles in the United States that must be overcome by whatever means necessary. In light of this, the actions of the CDC make perfect sense.

President Biden's use of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to impose vaccine mandates through private businesses and his use of the CDC to engage the "epidemic of gun violence" should tell us all we need to know about DC's full-court press against even the most basic liberties of American citizens.

At first glance, organizations like OSHA, the CDC, the FBI, and the ATF might not seem to have common missions or overlapping goals, especially where gun control is concerned. But since these agencies are inherently unconstitutional, they are also inherently amenable to unconstitutional ideas and inherently threatened by a citizenry empowered by tyrant-unfriendly tools like the Second Amendment.

These four specific agencies (CDC, ATF, FBI, OSHA) were all created to enforce unconstitutional laws and remove power from the individual states and consolidate it in DC. Their early histories clearly show that each is more than willing to act well beyond their missions and far outside the reach their authority to accomplish that. Organizations that were created as a power grab will, unsurprisingly, continue to try to grab power.

These agencies share the perspective that individual citizens are poor, ignorant, generally incompetent human resources that must be managed by the state "for the greater good of society". We can't be trusted with real freedom because that kind of freedom is dangerous—both to us and to those who would rather have us as slaves. The development of an increasingly top-heavy Federal Government requires us to be made increasingly dependent on that government and its corporate sponsors.

This administration's willingness to use the CDC, for example, as an all-purpose policy enforcer hasn't been limited to the organization's recent charge at the Second Amendment. Long before this "health"-covered assault on the right to bear arms, the Centers for Disease Control was used to declare a moratorium on evictions not just once but twice. It didn't matter that this was clearly outside the scope and authority of the organization. When the second attempt at a moratorium was made, practically everyone—including ardent pro-Biden leftists—conceded that the move would be promptly struck down in the courts since it was so flagrantly unconstitutional.

The CDC's eviction moratorium was indeed struck down by the Supreme Court, but that shouldn't give anyone the idea that the CDC learned its limits and will now strive to honor the Constitution. Rather, we should learn that, from their perspective, anything goes. When it comes to expanding government power and increasing our dependence on the state, the ends justify the means.

Thinking for Yourself Can Be Tyrants and Amateur Dictators

One of the more comical signs of desperation flashing on the cultural battlefield in recent weeks has been a push by Big Tech and mainstream media to convince people that thinking for themselves is actually a bad thing. Seriously. One example of this came in a recent Salon piece in which Andy Norman is cited glowingly for his "compelling" argument as to why "thinking for yourself is a poor strategy and why everyone is not, in fact, entitled to their own opinion." This is not an isolated instance. Verified corporate / government spokespersons from Jimmy Kimmel to the usual suspects at CNN have recently embarked on a peculiarly propagandistic mission aimed at trying to convince people that "doing their own research" is a bad thing.

Maybe someone comfortable with CNN and Jimmy Kimmel doing their thinking for them will find the CDC's moves into property management and gun control to be perfectly reasonable. That wouldn't be surprising at all. It would actually be right in line with the worst trends that have led us down to our present point of degeneracy and vulnerability as a people. Earlier this week, Biden's Education Secretary Miguel Cardona refused, even when pressed by legislators, to acknowledge that parents might be the "primary stakeholders" in deciding how their children should be educated. Government educators must control education, and by extension, your children.

But the overreach and mad power-grabs are becoming so brazen and so obviously wrong (morally and factually) that they are causing people to wake up and smell the tyranny that is suddenly on their doorstep and attempting to enter under the guise of "health and safety".

How the CDC Is (Accidentally) Promoting the Spirit of 1776 in 2021

In light of the desperate moves now routinely being made by the CDC, We the People are realizing that practically every area of life can be categorized as falling under the broad umbrella of "health and safety." This has inspired tens of millions of Americans to begin asking some crucial questions, including:

  • Whose health is most threatened by freedom?
  • Whose health is most threatened by people who are eager, able, and willing to think for themselves?
  • Whose health is most threatened by a citizenry empowered by the right to keep and bear arms?
  • Is there any area of life (our personal possessions, homes, children, and physical bodies) that the CDC's approach to "health and safety" can't touch?

The answers to each of these questions aren't hard to find once we take the time to seriously consider them, and those answers tend to fuel a spirit of healthy independence like nothing else can. The very thing that the CDC hoped to crush is now being fueled dramatically by their own actions.

Keep thinking for yourselves.